2021 Course Dates and Fees



The Healing Trust Training Course

Part 1 (2 days)

What is Spiritual Healing?
The History of Healing
The Chakras
The Human Energy Field
Distant Healing
The Act of Healing (Chair)

Part 2 (2 days)

Breath Work and Relaxation
The Professional Healing Environment
The Code of Conduct
Risk Assessment
Roles and Responsibilities
The Act of Healing (Couch)

Part 3 (3 days)

The Creative Mind
Imagery in Healing
Stress Management
Basic Anatomy and Physiology
The Inner Child
Attunement through Words

Part 4 (3 days)

Listening Skills and Communication
Healing into Death and Dying
Reincarnation and Inter-Life
The Higher Self
Healing with Sound
Colour Healing

The Course Explained

Parts 1 & 2
These parts of the course allow the student time to practise giving Healing to other members of the group. There will be group discussions and some work sheets and at all times the student will be treated with care and respect as their individual understanding unfolds. On completing Parts 1 & 2 the student is equipped to offer Healing to family and friends or to work as a volunteer in a Healing Centre.

Parts 3 & 4
These parts of the course take the understanding of the significance of Healing to a deeper level. Experiencing new areas and modalities of Healing allows opportunities for profound insights on the path of self awareness and enhances both Healing aptitude and Self Healing.[/box]

2021 Course Dates 

Due to Coronavirus and social distancing these courses are now offered via Zoom.                                                                                                                  The days will run from 9.00am to 12 noon and 3.00pm to 6.00pm.

Both sessions will include a 20 minute break.

If you are new to Zoom (and it has been a learning curve for me!) I am happy to offer a 5 minute meeting for practise.

Part 1

MAY 29 & JUNE 5 (consecutive Saturdays)

Part 2

JUNE 12 & 19 (consecutive Saturdays)

 Part 3

JUNE 26, 27  (weekend) and JULY 3 (Saturday)


SEPTEMBER 4,11, 18 (3 consecutive Saturdays)

If  you have taken Parts 1&2 you are welcome to join us for Pt 3.

Part 4

OCT 2, 3  (weekend) and 10 (Sunday)

If you have taken Parts 1,2,3 you are welcome to join us for Pt.4


The teaching fee for the 10 days is £800. A booking fee of £200 is required initially. The remainder of £600 may either be paid in full or in £200 tranches. £200 before Part 2, £200 before Part 3, £200 before Part 4 .   Course notes plus certificate and postage for each Part of the course totals £180.

If there are any concerns or queries please do not hesitate to make contact. I look forward to hearing from you.