Healing Session

A Healing Session with Lea Brodie

A Healing session lasts 1 hour and 15 mins. There is time for an introductory conversation to help discover the reason for your visit and what you wish to gain from the session. Any initial questions about Healing will be answered at this time. If you would like someone to be with you they are very welcome. Water is available.

Only shoes and outerwear are ever removed. You will be invited to lie on my therapist’s couch. You may have a blanket if you wish. It is important to feel comfortable. Healing can be given when sitting in a chair if that is preferred.

I will then talk you through a brief physical relaxation exercise and a guided visualisation.

No particular belief system, religion or faith is necessary. An open mind and a relaxed body is the greatest benefit.

I then work with the Healing energy by passing and resting my hands over the main energy centres or chakras of the body. There is no physical contact at this time. The session continues with energy being channelled around the body. With prior permission from the client I may lightly touch the shoulder or hip and feet.

You will be told when the Healing has completed and will be encouraged to return to full consciousness in your own time.

Following the session any observations or questions that have arisen from the Healing can be addressed. Different people have different experiences but all find it a profound method of stress relief. The Healing stimulates the self –healing mechanisms of the physical body. It addresses emotional distress and supports those with terminal illnesses. Healing is complementary to orthodox and allopathic medicine and should not be considered an alternative.

Information and conversations are completely confidential.