Lea is an excellent tutor. I joined one of her group of students to learn and practice spiritual healing as I did not know anything about healing. She took us through step by step, showing and explaining the whole process in easy to understand methods giving me the strength to practice healing with confidence.
The discussions and experiences we shared during the course and afterwards in the support group meetings are invaluable to continue to practice healing at the centres.

Para (Surbiton)

Lea Brodie is amazing as both a healer and tutor. As a healer she explained imbalances and confusions I was having within myself that I had struggled with for years. And more importantly she healed them.
But…most importantly, she healed them so well, that I myself became interested in the ability to heal, and Lea being the amazing and humble teacher that she is – not arrogant in her own ability and understanding of the fact that this is a human ability, taught me to heal in a way that was kind and simple and caring and wise.
This is a lady who has been brought up with this stuff since the day she could walk – she lives it and breathes it but most importantly she can also teach it! I am truly blessed by what she has taught me and my aim is to heal as many people as I can with her teachings.

Tanya (London)

I have known Lea for a year and a half and not only have I learned the gift of healing, I have also had a lot of self healing and development. I have also made many friends as we are all like minded in healing but we are all individuals in life.

Delphine (Thames Ditton)

I have known Lea for quite a long time, I learned very quickly that she is a special person. A series of well-timed events led me to her course, when I began I did not really know what to expect. I knew I was in the hands of a true, kind, very modest and hugely spiritual teacher. I would truly recommend anyone to take this journey, Lea is, simply the best.

Sally (Cobham)

Lea Brodie is a well-articulated and knowledgeable tutor in the field of spiritual healing. Her extensive experience as a healer gives her the aptitude to teach on a practical level and her professionalism is of the highest degree. Lea is very supportive and committed to her students in a way that far exceeds expectations. She is also a highly regarded healer I would recommend to anyone looking for someone reputable and trustworthy.

Nancy (Oxshott)