Spiritual Healing

A Short Guide to Spiritual Healing

  • Spiritual Healing soothes, balances and strengthens the recipient on all levels of mind, body and spirit
  • It is gentle, non-invasive and does not require any particular philosophy or belief.
  • Healers recognise that many illnesses are caused by underlying levels of distress and exhaustion.
  • Receiving Healing offers support at the deepest level and stimulates the client’s own self-healing mechanism.
  • Spiritual Healing is sometimes called Holistic Healing or Energy Healing.
  • It is complementary to other treatments and is not a substitute for allopathic and conventional medicine.

Those wishing to train as Healers, either for private or professional purposes, will discover that this peaceful, compassionate transference of energy will shift perceptions, challenge negative habits and enhance inner tranquillity.